2005-03-31 - 1:11 p.m.

Ok, I know everyone is talking about it and I said that I wouldn't, but I have to now.

Terri. Yes, that subject. I am with her parents 100%. Her husband is retarded IMO (now referred to as H since I don't know his name). If in fact Terri expressed earlier that she didn't want to live like that, who said she didn't change her mind after it happened? My g-ma never wanted to live as a quad, not breathing or eating on her own (until recently), she didn't want the tubes and the halo and the constant care it takes. She expressed that to us on many many occasions before her accident. But you know what? She has changed her mind. She has seen that our minds make the worst case scenerio so we don't want to live like that, but when push comes to shove it's not the end of the world.

I just want to ask her DH what the hell he is thinking? Really, I'd like to smack him upside his head with a pan or something. How can he take someone else's life, someone that he was supposed to LOVE and be KIND to for the rest of his life? Har har, jokes on him, not the rest of his life but her's. Did he just wake up one morning and say "oh I think I'll kill my wife today, but it's okay because I will get away with it 100% free"? I don't understand that.

And, in the case that she hadn't changed her mind and still wanted to die, as her DH claims...why in the god damn fucking hell would you keep someone alive for 15 years if they wanted to die? Her heart stopped on Feb 25, 1990.

I just don't understand how you could kill someone. How do you make that decision? And why did he let her sit there and starve for 14 days? Think about how long that is without food or water and think of how you would feel.

Isn't that considered torture? Hey, why don't we beat DH, take out his vocal cords so he can't say a damn thing, strap him to a bed so he can't move in a tiny room that smells funny. And we might as well leave him in there for 15 years, telling everyone he is crazy. Oh and why don't we starve him for 2 weeks as well? I'm sure that he would like that just fine no? Now tell me I wouldn't get arrested for doing something like that.

Or, isn't it the same as someone on a vent? "ok here is your last bottle of oxygen. Enjoy, hope it's not too painful but it doesn't matter because you can't talk!" Or taking someone's pacemaker out. Food, believe it or not, is just as vital. They said that there was no rehab for my g-ma either but we didn't go kill her because of it. Sorry, I love her a little bit more than that.

If he really thought she wanted to die and she hadn't changed her mind..I just don't get it. Why why why do that to someone for 15 years then say "oh wait she wanted to die. she had an ED before, so lets just starve her to death" (which is ironic if you think of it) And just think of how much money he's going to get now. Her life insurance policies...I can almost guarantee you that he isn't paying the medical bills, because if he was he would have killed her a looong time ago (my g-ma's are about $3500 a MONTH). God, how could you go to bed at night knowing that you are a murderer, you killed someone who gave you their life, trusted you to take care of them? Makes me not want to get married.

The courts shouldn't have gotten into it in the first place. Now they are trying to stay out of it, considering this is the 3rd time she had the tube removed. Even the government wanted her to die, how sad. I feel so awful for her parents. They did everything they could to help her but still had to sit there and watch some bastard decide to kill their daughter. I couldn't do it. And to be so public, that doesn't help. Pity is the worst thing you can give someone when they have someone in that situation. Trust me.

You never know what you would want until you are in that situation. I wish those legal bastards would have something horrible happen to them so they could see this. Gah. I wish you all could meet my g-ma because everything I said would make sense, I know it doesn't really right now.

Alright, I'll get off my soapbox now.

10 Things I Hate About You


20. Working 2 jobs. Wants to be invisible.

Hot chocolate. Laughing till your sides hurt. Being in love

Teenage girls. Kidney stones. Being reprimanded. Having others do my job. Letting people down. Failure. Being heartbroken.